Resolution 99/NQ-CP on the Action Program to implement the Resolution on the 2021-2025 socio-economic development plan

Resolution No. 99/NQ-CP promulgating the Action Program of the Government for the 2021-2026 tenure to implement the National Assembly's Resolution on the 2021-2025 five-year socio-economic development plan is issued on August 30, 2021 by the Government.

The plan consists of 23 targets; including a number of important targets such as the gross domestic product (GDP) will be 6.5-7% per year on average during the 5 years; processing and manufacturing industries will account for over 25% of GDP while the digital economy will account for around 20% of GDP; etc. In order to ensure fast and sustainable economic growth, the Government assigns ministries, central and local agencies the following tasks:

1. Give priority to protect the people's health and lives; drastically prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic; absolutely not to be subjective, negligent, lose vigilance; to step up the implementation of the nationwide vaccination campaign in a timely, safe, scientific and effective manner in order to achieve herd immunity at the latest by the end of 2021 or in early 2022.
2. Continue to build and complete synchronously the development institution, first of all, the socialist-oriented market economy institution.

3. 3- Accelerate economic restructuring in association with renovating the growth model, improving productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness; development of digital economy and digital society.

4- Strengthening the mobilization, allocation, and effective use of resources.

5- To step up the construction and development of asynchronous and modern strategic infrastructure systems.

6- Improve the quality of human resources in association with promoting innovation, application, and strong development of science and technology.

7- Promote the development of regional linkages, economic zones, and urban development.

8. To promote the cultural values, the human strength of Vietnam and the strength of the great unity of the whole nation to improve the people's living standards, to ensure a harmonious connection between development and economic development

9- Strengthening the management of natural resources and the environment; proactively prevent, combat and limit impacts of natural disasters and adapt to climate change.

10- To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management and capacity for development creation; implement wage reform; tightening discipline and administrative discipline in parallel with creating an environment of innovation and creativity.

11- Socio-economic development is associated with consolidating and enhancing national defense and security potentials, resolutely and persistently fighting to protect and maintain independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

12- Building a modern diplomacy, enhancing the efficiency of foreign affairs, proactively and actively integrating into the world

13- Building a clean, strong and comprehensive Party, improving the leadership capacity and fighting strength of party organizations
By 2025, to reduce at least 10% of the number of public non-business units nationwide and 10% of non-business payrolls receiving salaries from the state budget in comparison with 2021; strive to have at least 20% financial autonomy units; continue to reduce on average 10% of direct expenditure from the state budget to public non-business units compared to the 2016-2020 period.

Noticeably, the Government requests to concentrate resources to implement wage reform from July 01, 2022; not to use the residual salary reform source for capital construction investment and other purposes unless otherwise permitted by the National Assembly's resolution, etc.

This Resolution takes effect on the signing date.

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