Quang Nam hold annual dialogues with young people

The Provincial People's Committee has just issued a Plan for Dialogue with youth in the province. Accordingly, every March (Youth Month), Quang Nam will organize a dialogue program with young people.

The Program of Dialogue with Youth is organized to receive opinions and recommendations of young people on the formulation and implementation of policies and laws; providing and disseminating policies and laws for youth; answer issues related to the legitimate rights and interests of young people in the process of implementing the State's policies and laws on youth.

The content will focus on key issues such as:
- The implementation of mechanisms, policies and legal provisions for youth
- Activities of agencies and organizations related to the legitimate rights and interests of youth. 
-Things falling under the authority or responsibility to report to the agency 2 competent to deal with the youth's recommendations. 
- Roles and responsibilities of youth in studying, working, training, participating in socio-economic development and defending the Fatherland. - Other recommendations and suggestions of young people

The Chairmans of the People's Committee at all levels are responsible for holding dialogues with youth at least once a year. Heads of agencies, organizations and units of the armed forces are responsible for dialogue with young people at the request of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Youth Union, and the Vietnam Student Association.

The dialogue program is suitable to the actual needs and legitimate aspirations of the majority of young people; content of practical dialogue exchange, in the spirit of frankness, openness and sincerity.

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