Online dialogues with enterprises on October 1st

The Provincial Tax Department has just issued Official Letter No. 7247/CTQNA-TTHT to businesses operating in the province on organizing an online dialogue, answering questions about policies, laws, and tax administrative procedures on October 1st.

The official letter stated that the policy of tax reform and modernization was implemented. But due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Quang Nam Tax Department cannot hold a centralized conference to meet, discuss, and solve problems arising at enterprises during the implementation of tax policies and laws, as well as administrative procedures.

With the motto "accompanying businesses in implementing tax policies", Quang Nam Tax Department decided to organize n online dialogue program with businesses in 2021 in the province, on the website of Quang Nam Tax Department (address: vn/wps/portal/gltt; duration of one session (from 8 am to 11 am on October 1, 2021).

Because of limited time, the leaders of Quang Nam Tax Department expect businesses to send their questions and problems to before the online dialogues.

During the online dialogue, please send your questions to the following address:, the reception and answer department for businesses. The complex issues will be recorded and answered later in specific writing.

The cooperative cooperation of enterprises with the Tax Department through this online dialogue and problem-solving program, promises to bring many good things to both sides and is an effective information channel in the future

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