Early morning at a fish market

As usual, about 2 AM, when the sun still be under the horizon, many people had presented at Phuoc Loc beach of Tam Tien commune (Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, 12km far from Tam Ky city center). They were fishing traders, buyers came from many places, local people, transporting workers… and be waiting for boats to come back the market after a long fishing trip.

Ancient Hoi An - peaceful and tranquil emotion

If you want to explore and enjoy a space of the golden past of Vietnam, let visit Hoi An Ancient Town. May be the most attractive feature of this tourist destination is its “thinking of the past” beauty and peaceful moments which bring you unforgettable deeply emotions.

“Our Common Heritage” exhibition held at My Son Sanctuary Site

The world heritages exhibition “Our common heritage – Discovering world heritages in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam” was opened on March 29 by UNESCO Office in Viet Nam and Managing Board of My Son sanctuary (Quang Nam province).

Story about Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village

Locating beside National Highway 1A, in Dien Phuong Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province, Phuoc Kieu village has been famous since hundreds of year in traditional craft of casting gongs and bronze products. The people in Quang Nam Province have a saying “Lam Yen drums and Phuoc Kieu gongs” to praise this land. Linking closely with quality of these original products and the existence of Phuoc Kieu casting village is 74 years old Folk Artisan Duong Ngoc Sang - an expert in adjusting the sound of gongs and a“living treasure” of the village…

No longer "Ngam ngai tim tram"

Thanks to the method of grafting agarwood on the Aquilaria trees, the trademark of Tien Phuoc agarwood now being famous in the world over.

Team USA won DIFC2013

The final evening of DIFC2013 featured amazing performances by teams Japan and the USA, following on from the previous night’s performances by teams Russia, Da Nang-Viet Nam, and Italy.


On November 11th afternoon, leaders from the Provincial Standing Committee of the party had a meeting with leaders of Center for Human Resource Development (the Center) with the attendance of the leaders from the Standing People's Council, Provincial Standing Committee, and representatives of the relating departments and agencies under the chairmanship of Mr Nguyen Duc Hai - the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

Tour “The call of Bho Hoong village"

Located Song Kon commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province (more than 90% of Katu population), Bho Hoong village is 56 km from Da Nang, 80 km to the Northwest of Hoi An along Road 604 . It lies back to the mountain, near the poetic river of Kon and span of chain-bridge leading to the village.

Lego model of Hoi An ancient town in Malaysia

The space of Hoi An ancient town was built to represent Vietnam country by the Lego bricks in Legoland, Malaysia.


Quang Nam is a cutural exchange and concentration place. Therefore, this place had produced and maintainedsome very famous special dishes. Here we introduce some of these dishes from Quang Nam.
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  • Hướng dẫn khai báo y tế điện tử cho người dân trên địa bàn tỉnh Quảng Nam